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Party Guidelines & Tips

At The Enchanted Garden Character Co., it's our goal to make your party or event as magical as possible. Our professional princesses in their beautiful custom gowns will bring all the activities and tools to host an enchanting party. However, there are things you can do to help make the party as magical as it can be! These tips and guides will help you ensure that your celebration runs as smoothly as possible. And then we all live happily ever after!
Preparing the Party Space
  • The Enchanted Princesses do not require a huge space for activities, but a larger cleared area will do just fine! Removing any distractions like toys, bouncy houses, or food will help the children to be more engaged in the party activities. 
  • A quiet party space where the children can clearly hear the princesses will make all the difference to your experience! Remember that the princesses sing, dance, and tell stories without a microphone, so we don't want your children's magical experience to be compromised by background music, television, toys that make noise, or groups of adults chatting amongst themselves. However, we do encourage parents to stay, participate in the experience, and take photos!
  • Having a table or area ready with a cup of water will help the transition between activities to temporary tattoos and princess makeovers go smoothly. This way we won't have to interrupt or bother you during the party to ask! Makeovers and temporary tattoos are currently not offered during COVID-19 Re-Opening Phase 3
During the Party
  • In the summertime, nothing is better than hosting an outdoor party and soaking up the sun! However, we kindly ask that the princess portion of your outdoor party be held in a designated area that is flat, dry, shaded, and sheltered. The princesses' costumes and wigs can be very hot in the summer months, and do not provide adequate protection from the sun or heat. Please note that if it is warmer than 28 degrees Celsius, we do require the princess portion of the party to be held indoors for our performers' safety.
  • In order to maintain a safe and orderly environment, we ask that at least one adult be present at all times to supervise the children during the party.
  • Even the princesses agree that parties are a reason to have the most delightful food! We do recommend that food be served to the children before or after the princess visit. This will help to avoid messes and distraction from the party activities. We also recommend taking photos before serving cake; that way the little ones' outfits and faces are still perfectly clean for pictures!
  • We encourage you to take as many photos during the party as you like! However, don't fret if we're nearing the end and you haven't gotten one with the birthday girl and the princess together; we always leave designated time for photos at the end of the party and we'll alert you when it's that time!
  • We adore pets, and even the princesses have animal friends of their own! However, we kindly ask that if you have a dog that jumps up or a cat that likes to claw at clothing they perhaps be in a separate room from the princess party. This is for both your pet's and our performers' protection, as well as the protection of our gowns. 
After the Party
  • Our princesses will always ask for goodbye waves from the children, unless they're busy with their cake! We recommend that the children stay in another room or at the table if you are completing payment as the princesses are leaving. We absolutely don't want to ruin the magic for them, or have them see us depart in a car rather than the "carriage" or "sleigh" we told them we arrived in!
  • We always follow up with you a day or two after the party to see how everything went. We adore receiving photos from the party, as often times we had just as wonderful a time as the children, so please feel free to send us a few pictures over email or Facebook! 
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