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COVID-Safe Packages

Due to COVID-19, we will be offering two special edition virtual offerings, and one in-person option. Both are subject to change as needed. 

Birthday Video Calls
( 20-25 min)

*Zoom chat with an Enchanted Character of choice

*Story time

*Singing "Happy Birthday" 

*Coronation oath

*Autographed photo mailed out after the call


*additional character $30


Enjoy the virtual magic of a character visit right from the comfort and safety of your own home! Choose any of our characters to have a one-on-one call video call, or join in a virtual celebration with friends! Our activities are suggestions, but we're happy to customize to your heart's desire. We can lead activities, have a tea party, or even play games. Your wish is our command!

Magic Mirror Video Message
( 2-3 minutes)

*One Enchanted Character of choice

*Personalized greeting customized to the recipient.

*Coronation oath

*Private link to download video on any device



Our Magic Mirror Video Messages are a beautiful keepsake that can be enjoyed over and over again. You can choose any of our Enchanted Characters to create a personalized greeting for a special person in your life, whether it's a birthday or just to brighten their day!

IMG_0222 2.jpg

Doorstep Visits
(10-15 min)

*One Enchanted Character of choice to surprise your little one in person

*Coronation with a tiara to keep

*Pixie dust wishes

*Autographed photo for the birthday child

*Photo opportunities

$80 one character

$125 two characters



Imagine your little one's face light up when they open the door to find their favourite character standing there in-person! We've done our best to create a safe and magical experience with these doorstep visits, and we pack in a lot of fun in just 10-15 minutes. Sometimes short and sweet leaves the most lasting impression!

*Since the character remains outside your home, you can opt for them to wear a mask or go without - the choice is yours!

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